Saturday, 2 June 2012


#The Sisterhood of the Travelling Harlequin/Book -The Aussi Road Trip

You wouldn't think a group of writers would be so derivative would you.  Hell yeah, why not.  It worked great as a hash tag.  After travelling across the U.S.A. our travelling Maisey Yates book "One Night in Paradise" landed in Stanthorpe, a small inland town on the border of Queensland and New South Wales.  Not quite the paradise our traveller expected.  Lucky we were heading off on a road trip.  I've included links so if you want to find out a little more about the places mentioned you can do so.

Yes we are driving on the right (actually left) side of the road.
As passenger I was able to show Maisey Yates the scenery.
Travelling from Stanthorpe to Toowoomba.  

Doctors waiting rooms are boring.
While DH did his thing in Toowoomba
we discussed travelling to Paris and read three chapters.
Pity DH was so quick.
Took Maisey Yates to Picnic Point in Toowoomba.
She thought the Australian flag flying was most patriotic.
As you can see our little book is a long way from home.
At the Picnic Point Lookout gazing towards Brisbane
Couldn't find a real Koala this trip.

But coincidentally my daughter Pernell was
filming at Steve Irwin's Australia Zoo that day.

Mt Coot-tha lookout.  In the centre distance is the City.
You can see Moreton Bay on the horizon.
Next stop the America's via a few Islands

Hanging out with the Aussi editions.
Lunch at the Lookout.
Yes we have windmills in Australia too!
Maisey flirting with a Calendar Boy

These lovely young ladies attend the very same
school as I did when first discovered HM&B romances in 1976.
Thanks girls.  Stuartholme uniform hasn't changed much.

Watching footy at King George Square
Checking out the competition.  Brisbane City at night.

Busking off King George Square near
City Hall.
Maisey made a donation to the Starlight Foundation
Some high school film students interviewed me about tattoos.  Then they kindly
re-enacted a scene from the book.

This lovely young woman just happened
to be standing outside a Gentlemen's Club.
No link as I wish to remain PG rated.

We finished off the night at a film festival.  Here mylovely and talented daughter struggles to hold back tears as the film they entered failed to place. Click on this text if you want to view
the film they entered. Not suitable for children.  Language and violence.

And here we are at the end of our Odyssey.
The truck is waiting to take the parcel on its journey back to the U.S.A.

One Night in Paradise by Maisey Yates     *****

One Night in Paradise (Mills & Boon Modern)If you know an absolutely gorgeous man who is hiding dark tragic secrets and a broken heart, this is what you do. Send him along to Maisey Yates and she will find him the perfect heroine to put in his life to heal him and bring out the best in him. He will grow and mature and be really really incredibly hot in bed. Not that the last bit is important. Really it isn't. I'm telling you this for your own good.
Zack Parson is not one of those broken men that need fixing. Because he fixed himself years ago and he knows exactly how to keep control. Firstly, you don't do "Love". That's a no brainer, because love makes you lose control. So when you meet someone who might threaten that, you slot them into a neat box under "friend" or "employee". You stick with that, because that is how you stay in control.
That's what Zack did when he met Clara Davis in a bakery seven years ago and realised she was everything he ever wanted or needed. For his business. She really had the goods and none of it was to do with her sinfully sexy body which he could carefully ignore, but all about the cupcakes. The baked ones of course. Keep your mind out of the gutter puhlease.
Somehow in those seven years Clara also became his best friend. Which makes it quite natural for him to think of her when he needs a replacement for his Fiancée when she left him at the altar. To take on his honeymoon. NO! You are doing it again aren't you. It is a purely business arrangement. Really! Seeing Clara in the surrounds of a romantic holiday resort is not going to change anything. Or is it?
This is a classic friends to lovers romance and in Maisey Yates inimitable way she gives us all the emotion and angst we could possibly want as these two friends struggle with the fallout of taking that friendship beyond the boundaries already set.
There are laugh out loud moments and gutwrenching revelations and we are with both Zack and Clara all the way to the end. I love Maisey Yates stories. No matter how miserable they make me in the middle as I empathise with the pathos and misery and suffering, they always leave me feeling really good at the end.


  1. Love this!! Why, oh, why didn't I take more pictures?!? Also- we should all write a co-written collection based on this premise, no?

  2. That would be great. I deliberately didn't talk about who else had the book and exactly where it went for that reason. I was just lucky that we had a trip planned for that day. DH enjoyed it because usually I don't go all touristy when we travel and he's a keen photographer. Him with his Canon EOS whatever and me with my iPhone.

  3. Hi Fiona,

    I enjoyed all the photos of this Sisterhood of the travelling book!

    Hugs to your talented daughter.

  4. Love this post Fi! Especially your review, I love Maisey too and need to get my hands on this book asap :o)

    1. I'm sure you'll love it. She never lets her readers down.