Wednesday, 11 July 2012

Patricia Wilson - Discovering an Oldy but a Goody

The Ortiga Marriage ****

The Ortiga Marriage (Harlequin Presents #1086)This is my first Patricia Wilson. I've had it sitting around for a while and when a Twitter friend recommended the author I bounced it up the TBR pile for my daily dose of vintage.
You don't see very many stepbrother-sister romances these days. Along with the guardian ward trope they were quite popular back in the day. Now that young heroines are not fashionable they seem to have dropped off the radar to a large extent.

Twelve year old Merry loved Ramon Ortiga, her much older step-brother who'd made himself her protector when their parents married in Venezuela. This was in spite of his hot and cold attitude to her. Then just when it seemed he wanted her, once she'd left school, he suddenly drove her away, turning to another woman, a more suitable bride for the Ortiga family.

Six years later the death of their parents brings Merry home to help her young half brother, taking leave from her high powered job. Somehow things are not what they seem and the resentment she expected to see between the half brothers is absent. But what is still there is the attraction between her and Ramon.

A Latino alpha male, he wants Merry and goes all out to get her. Pressuring her into marriage. But of course all that alpha machismo and he doesn't bother to explain himself. So Merry doesn't realise the passion he feels for her is more than physical desire.

This is another great read from Patricia Wilson of the old fashioned style of Presents. Great for a wallow in angst and misunderstanding and hot hot Latin male.

Lingering Melody *****

Lingering Melody by Patricia WilsonHave I ever mentioned how much I love reunion romances. So long as they have some very important elements. First one is that the hero and heroine haven't been sleazing all over the countryside with multiple other lovers in the meantime. Ok, so that might be a bit of a spoiler. But there are plenty of other things to discover about this book.

Matt and Carrie lived together as lovers four years ago and when Matt went off without explanation, Carrie left him, believing he'd gone to another woman. Now she is back in London with three year old twins and a dead husband. She has come to help save her cousins business. So it's a nasty surprise to find Matt is the one holding the cards.

This is a classic blackmailed bride story and Matt is a determined man who will stop at nothing to get back his former lover. Blaming Carrie as he does for the breakup he isn't going to let himself be vulnerable but it is clear to see that he still burns for her, in spite of believing she'd married and had another man's children.

Carrie can't see that, but is amazed by his tender reaction to the children. Matt is one scary obsessed male at times but we the reader see beyond that to what is driving him. They both have a lot to clear up before getting their HEA but it is worth it in the end.

I loved every page of this book. The hero was an old fashioned alpha and the heroine while young had her own strength when it came to her children. A Great Read if you like these vintage Presents.

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