Wednesday 7 August 2013

When is an Alpha Hero not an Alpha hero....

When he's a Cowboy who is also an Indian

Are you confused yet?

I read romance for the heroes.  Yup.  Oh I know there has to be a heroine in there somewhere but really she is just a place card for me...

The Honey is BitterI've been reading romance for close on forty years and through most of that time, the Alpha hero has ruled the pages.  I remember the ones from the seventies, who used their power and influence to force the heroine into marriage, who were not above a little forced seduction.  These days, the feminists among us call them jerks and I nod sagely and slide my stash of vintage alpha jerks out of sight.

The modern Alpha is usually distinguishable by his revolving bedroom door, his billionaire status (inflation has effected more than the size of their manhood.) and usually some childhood trauma that is his excuse for being a jerk.  Seriously, they are mostly still jerks but they are too PC to actually rape their heroines.  Now their virility seduces the heroine into bed faster than you can say internal conflict.  (Same result but the feminists are happy because the heroine is ready, willing and able.)
Wife in the Shadows
So why am I burbling on about Alpha's.  It's because I've discovered a new kind of hero.  Shall we call him a Gamma hero.  Has the power of the Alpha but the sensitivity of the Beta.  They are subtle and sexy in the best way.

Sarah M. Anderson's Men of the White Sandy series are just the most amazing heroes.  They are...indescribably gorgeous.  Most of us wouldn't really want to live with an Alpha hero...but these guys are ready and packaged to take home for a Happy Ever After you would die for.  I've just finished Masked Cowboy, following on from Mystic Cowboy and I'm already hanging out for the next one.  It probably helps that I'm a sucker for an American Indian from way back.

I've reviewed both the books and include the reviews here.

Mystic Cowboy  *****

Mystic Cowboy by Sarah M. AndersonSooo. Just dragging myself away from contemplation of the cover. Rebel Runs Fast is some hot cowboy, even if he happens to be an Indian. And he is just as hot, just as gorgeous inside the covers.

Rebel is no alpha male, but he is something else, in the best possible way. He is the kind of hero that makes you want to...well in Australia it's totally impractical to go looking.

Madeline is the closest you could get to an alpha female, a driven doctor with money, used to power but searching for something more than the life she'd been destined for.

They both have something the other needs, but with lives so different, expectations so far apart it could be an impossible task. 

I love the way Rebel 'gets' Madeline and oh so gently draws her into his world. Uptight Madeline reveals a whole different side under the gentle handling of a mystic cowboy.

The painting of the Lakota Reservation, the people, the struggles, the history is all very well done without being heavy handed.

I look forward to seeing more of the Men of the White Sandy.

Masked Cowboy  ****'

Masked Cowboy (Men of the White Sandy, #2)

4 1/2 stars. What can I say about Jacob Plenty Holes? He is just fascinating. What else can you call a man who each Summer evening does a Flashdance style semi-strip with a glass of water in front of every woman in the small town of Faith Ridge, South Dakota. This is the same guy who wears a mask to cover scarring on half his face.

The heroine,veterinarian Dr Mary Beth Hofstetter took me a little longer to warm up to. I prefer to keep my modern sexually liberated women in the real world. Mary Beth has a bit of a mouth to her which contrasted sharply with the lack of chattiness from Jacob. As I got to know her better I liked her more. But it is Jacob that kept me reading.

Like Mystic Cowboy, this book has a fairly strong mystery element dating from three years ago when Jacob received the injury to his face. He also became the sole carer to a small girl. Kip is an albino, so stands out dramaticly on the reservation among the Lakota tribe. She doesn't speak and Jacob is extremely protective.

The action of the story takes place over quite a few months, allowing Jacob and Mary Beth to get to know each other realisticly so that when things develop it's a logical progression to the relationship.

The ending was extremely dramatic and the aftermath really sweet. It got me all emotional.

We get to see Mystic Cowboy, Rebel and Doc Madeline along with Nobody and I'm still looking forward to his book. 


  1. Love seeing all the old covers n this site. Brings me back. Been reading romance since I was 12. Not quite 40 years but too darn close. Hee hee. Have to say the thing that always drove me nuts about the old books is that they were from heroine's POV only. I love getting deep inside a hero's head. Yup, he is the one who makes the book for me too.

  2. Alpha heroes. Beta heroes! Now gamma heroes? Good for you Fiona, this is an original take. Love it.

  3. Thanks for commenting. I do like a well rounded hero.

  4. Hi Kari
    Yes I do like to see the heroes POV. It's actually harder to write that way and keep your alpha hero hard and enigmatic.