Monday, 6 May 2013

I cleaned.  Semi-willingly.  Well under the whipcracking orders of my 12 year old daughter...

This weekend I cleaned some old software off this bookshelf to make way for my current TBR pile.  I was only going to clean off one shelf but No.7 who has Cleaning OCD (not genetic) cleared the whole bookshelf and the desk underneath. It's brown.  Who knew.

Since then I've been stacking books on the shelves.  On the top I've put my medical authors.  The next shelf is Urgent TBR's this includes quite a lot of books I've been given as well as some I've bought.  The third shelf is  my current keeper shelf.  Authors that don't belong in my vintage collection though I notice Kate Walker has some books being released in the eBook Vintage Collection.  Also on that shelf are my 'research' Sweet Romances and a selection of recent books by authors not yet on my keeper shelf but trending.

This is a gif so it you watch the pic will change.  Yeah I just learned how to do gifs so I'm likely to be boring


  1. I'm so jealous of your books, and organisation. Mine are all in boxes now, and my bookshelf with tbr's is much smaller. Wanna swap? :)

    1. I have about 35 boxes of books. Three bookshelves and an irate DH. I would like a smaller TBR. It's getting stressful trying to catch up.

  2. Nice collection there Fiona! :)

  3. I had these in boxes and piled on boxes. I still have heaps in the boxes but these are the "urgent" ones.

  4. Is that Whitney, My Love up there? That one is on my keeper shelf. :)

  5. Thanks for the comments ladies. Yes I have Whitney, My Love on my TBR because so many people have good things to say about it.