Saturday, 18 May 2013

When Emily Got Married

I've just finished reading When Honey Got Married.  I enjoyed it thoroughly, perhaps because I've just been through a family wedding at Easter.  And it was that kind of wedding.  Honey and Emily could be besties because the attention to detail, the craving for perfection, it was all there.  Absolutely beautiful but terrifying in the execution. I include photos of my daughters wedding in lieu of Honey's.

This is my review. ***** 5 Stars because it made me cry.

When Honey Got MarriedThis was an amazing read. Four novella's centred around not the bride but the sister, the best friend, the wedding planner and the potential 'other woman'.

Honey has organised a humdinger of a wedding. As over the top as you could get with hummingbirds and honeysuckle galore. While she's having bridal jitters and flipping from Bridezilla to the Runaway Bride, the women around her are having their own dramas.

Because among the wedding guests and organisers are some seriously hot men. Like Beau, the chef at Belle Fleur, the wedding venue, who is an old acquaintance of Grace the Wedding planner. 

Cousin Rainer, who would do anything for Brent and Honey, including heading off Eve, Brent's work colleague who had a 'moment' with him just before he got engaged. 
Then there is British Alex, Nina's best friend at the Circus who comes with her as her plus one.

Finally there is Griffin, Brent's brother, who was always around when Pippa was Brent's girlfriend back in the day and somehow made her more aware of him than ever Brent could.

Over the four stories, we get to see these romances develop, but we also see how each of these women help or influence Honey in getting through the biggest day of her life.

This is such a feel good read. What more can you ask for but not one but FIVE happy endings. And if you get a little teary and emotional on the way. Well that's even better.

The Bride and her mother getting ready

The whole hair thing with two of the brides sisters
The Brides Best Friend
The magic moment when Emily married Ashley
The MOTB with Anne Hathaway lookalike daughter

The Youngest Bridesmaid

The Brides Brother and 2nd youngest sister

A romantic moment

Pensive Bridesmaids
The Bride and the Matron of Honour

Cutting the Cake
Check the hair out.


  1. It all looks so romantic. Thanks for sharing all these photos, Fiona!

  2. Lovely wedding, Fiona. What lovely dresses. I also reviewed WHEN HONEY GOT MARRIED and found it a worthwhile read. Great post, thanks for sharing.