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It's that SYTYCW15 time of year again. Part 2

I've read a further 16 chapters so I present them to you here. Some of the imprints like Nocturne and the Suspense lines I don't usually read so if I'm not enthused that is no reflection on the actual story.

Once again the names should link to the story.

Bleeding Hearts - Suspense

This is a first person thriller. The heroine Camryn is attacked by someone who turns out to be a serial killer. Her apartment neighbour Isaac is a police officer and the hero. There is a lot of action in the first chapter. As I’ve mentioned before, I’m not a big fan of first person though I know it’s very popular at the moment. This didn’t quite work for me but if you like first person and are big on thrillers I think you might find it gripping. The heroine is pro-active and the hero at first glance looks yummy.

By Grace – Heartwarming

This starts out looking like a fairly classic romance. Grace has been estranged from her brother-in-law Duval since the death of her sister five years ago. It’s complicated by the fact that Grace was in love with him before he met and married her sister. Now he is marrying again and Grace is invited. There is a lot of angsty history here. Not clear at this point how it’s going to pan out. The blurb mentions Duval’s brother Adrian who will play an important role but we don’t meet him in this chapter.

Callie:An Enchantress Novel – Nocturne

This is a pretty dark beginning. The heroine Callie and her sister Adie have a traumatic past. There is a hint in the prologue that it might be about to catch up to them again. The heroine is 20 so around the New Adult age group.  This one could work for you if you like vampires and dark backstories.

Catch the Fallen Star - Superromance

Jonah is a recovering addict, placed in a small town under a false name so his mega stardom doesn’t bring down the paparazzi. Andi has moved into the house next door with her daughter after an ugly marriage breakdown. I’ve read the full story so I know how it turns out. The hero and heroine are well drawn.

Chasing Mr Crown – Superromance

Unusually, this story has multiple viewpoints, not just the Hero and Heroine. This is the story of Natalie and Dash who meet just as Natalie is leaving for a new job across the Atlantic. They make a connection, but Natalie doesn’t quite trust it and at the end of the chapter we aren’t quite sure what will happen. This is another story I’ve read right through. It was a bit nerve wracking at times once Natalie’s sister enters the scene.

Chekowski’s Redemption – Presents

This is interesting. Heroine Jocelyn has a little package from a one night stand with a sweet Russian immigrant named Chekowski. Only when she bumps into him at her Uncle’s house it turns out he is a very Canadian Matthew Brody.  Not a good start. This didn’t have a strong Presents feel but the premise is promising.

Crazy Enough – Carina Press

This is a suspense style story with a crazy journalist and a military hero. Corkie (a nickname that made me raise my brows but it could be an Aussi thing. In other countries it’s probably quite common). Anyway, she’s on the track of a mysterious bad guy who is supposed to be dead and ends up witnessing a major bust up between rival cartels. Alex turns up and things don’t go too well at their first meeting. Especially for Alex.

Dating the Undead – Nocturne

This actually a cute and flirty chapter for a nocturne. It’s told in first person which kind of suits the chick lit feel. The heroine is Silver and she meets a cute and intriguing guy when she gets thrown out of a party. He has unusual speed and seems able to read her mind. Only his eyes are sparkly…sort of. This world view includes Vampires as a regular part of society.

Drawn to Darkness – Intrigue

Criminal investigator Dante and Crime reporter Sydney. Nice pairing. This is a bit noire-ish with a fairly detailed crime scene and a potential for a little more gruesome to come. A political complication should work well to get both Dante and Sydney on edge. We get to see both of the protagonists in their natural element and some character development.

Dreams – Harlequin Romance

The old caught in a snowstorm proximity trope. It never gets old. Never really happens in my part of the world so it has the advantage of distance.  Stevie and Mick are the only people in the universe stupid enough to be out in a blizzard. Stevie pays the price by ending almost in a ditch. Mick is the grumpy guy who rescues her. Then they get to the motel…

Duality – Nocturne

This is very much a fantasy setting with Mila and her blind guardian Anna living isolated in the woods. Mila has a gift for growing things and powers she needs to practice. Someone will come to kill her and she needs to be prepared. This is another young heroine and the hero is not a mortal man. We get to meet him as well as the heroine.

Finding Home – Special Edition

Andie has had the responsibility of her family ever since the tragic death of her parents when her youngest brother was still at school. Her specialist Christmas shop is vital for the family finances because her other brother is still building up his veterinary practice. Connor has history with Andie back when she was a high school senior so his return to sell her building out from under her is adding insult to injury. This is another story I’ve read right to the end. At times it felt like almost too much was happening but it fits the SE line well.

Heart on Fire – Blaze

This could be a steamy one. Erin lost her husband four years ago so bumping (literally) into a blond hotty with practiced charm is a little unnerving. Cam is in his old home town on a temporary basis, helping out with the mountain rescue team. The attraction between them is obvious, but it’s not clear whether Erin is ready to move on or whether Cam is ready to settle down.

Hearts for Sail – Special Edition

This is kind of a reunion romance but we only get to meet Blake and Alex separately in this chapter. I didn’t much like Blake at this point as the only insight into his character is his jaded opinion about women as he dumps one unceremoniously on the phone. Alex is more appealing and hopefully once they start to interact, Blake will soften a little. They are both keen sailors so we might see some close proximity on the water later on.

High-Stakes Sabotage – Love Inspired Suspense

This was a very short chapter. Only two pages. But a lot happens and we do get to meet the hero. The heroine, Dani, is transporting a vanload of kids to a reservation when they go off the road. They are rescued by Gideon and his dog Lou who live in a cabin nearby. I did skip over to the next chapter just to see what happens. It was a bit of a time jump but it did dive straight into more action. I don’t read LI Suspense so this might be a usual thing. I would have expected more interaction between hero and heroine to give us a better feel for how they interact before flinging the next big conflict at us.

His Discarded Bride – Presents

At first glance this is looking like a traditional Presents with Leilani, a flustered heroine who is far from glamorous, and Renato, an Italian hero used to getting everything he wants. Surprisingly he chooses to forgo his jet for economy class so he can size up the heroine. Traditionally he should have organised the heroine to be bumped up to business or first class but I guess the close confines of economy will test the limits of their endurance. Some of the backstory and jumping back and forth in time was confusing.

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