Friday, 9 October 2015

It's that SYTYCW15 time of year

Hi world.

I haven't blogged in a long time. It hasn't been a priority for me with all the other things happening on the family front in particular.

But I have to blog for SYTYCW15. It's a tradition.

This year has been organised very differently to past years. The stories have all been posted to Wattpad and now the top 55 first chapters have been chosen. I plan to read all the first chapters of the 55 top entries (apart from mine because I already know the ending). As I read them I'll post a little comment about them.

Tonight I'm posting the first eight. I'm reading strictly in alphabetical order so there is no bias in the choice or order. The title should link to the story.

Once I finish posting, I'll do a final post with my Top Pick selections.

Top 55 - First Eight in Alphabetical List

A Killer Among Us - Intrigue

This is a small town police procedural with rookie cop Colby as the heroine and fellow Officer Tom Vitali as the hero. This is an action packed first chapter. Only problem I had was the large number of people we meet in the course of the events.

The wedding planner and the chef. Sounds like a match made in heaven. Bella and Wyatt start off with a strong physical attraction. This is a good setup and the heat level looks like exploding in the next chapter.

A Soldier’s Princess – Romantic Suspense

This is a crazy mix of princess and bodyguard and potential destruction of the universe as we know it. Or at least a portion of it. This is a reunion romance and we get a good look at Alana and Gage and their past in this chapter.

After the Harvest – CarinaPress

This reminded me a little of the vintage romances I love to read. Heavy on heroine introspection and a very clear picture of the obstacles she is facing. The hero hasn’t appeared by the end of the chapter so I can’t comment on him.

Amish Under Fire – Love Inspired Suspense

This starts off with some high stakes drama and shows the heroine in a very pro-active light. I was a little surprised considering the blurb suggests she is Amish. The hero Derek appears early and we get some insight into him as well. The blurb made me think of The Witness starring Harrison Ford from 1985.

An Unsuitable Match – Historical

A proposed match between Jeanne, a dispossessed Comtesse, in the aftermath of the revolution and Gabriel, a man with a disreputable father. The first chapter introduces the heroine’s perilous position and the hero’s motivation for the marriage. The first meeting does not bode well at first.  I was a little confused at her knowledge of his father but that could be resolved later.

This is a reunion story. Tawny, the heroine, left Alex the hero, taking their daughter. We don’t know what triggered her leaving but we learn something of her troubled background which could be significant. Alex makes an appearance and we get a little view of where he is at.

Before Sunday - Superromance

This is a first person narrative. I’m not usually a fan but this reads easily. The heroine is at college and 21 so more New Adult in age. I’m not sure exactly the direction it’s going. There are two guys in the story, best friend Xavier and Jackson who appears out of nowhere. There is a magic cupcake but it’s kind of cute. 

And because this is my blog I get to promote my own entry out of order. Known as #spymistress on Social Media this is the story of Trauma surgeon Gabe and Anna, a Russian spy.

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